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What Sage Watson eats in a day

Sage Watson is the Canadian 300m record holder, a World Championship finalist and an NCAA champion. The 400m hurdler is currently training in Tucson, Arizona with the upcoming Doha World Championships and 2020 Olympics in sight. 

A typical training day for Watson includes a weight session in the morning and a track session in the afternoon with lots of food in between. Here’s what a day of eating looks like for Watson. 


5:30 a.m. I have coffee with whole milk and honey and I make a smoothie. My smoothie has yogurt, coconut water, beets, blueberries and banana. I also have an Xendurance pre-workout drink. 

Weights 6:00 a.m. is my weights session. It takes about two hours. I have an Xendurance post-workout protein shake right after I’m done my workout. 

Second breakfast

10 a.m. I come home and have a second breakfast which usually includes three eggs fried in olive oil, two slices of multigrain sourdough and some fruit, yesterday I had a mango. 


1 p.m. is usually lunch. Yesterday I had fresh rolls which are cucumber, rice noodles, shrimp and spinach wrapped in a rice paper wrap. I like to dip them in peanut sauce. I’ll usually have a banana with that as well. 

Track workout 

3 p.m. is track time. I’ll have more Xendurance pre-workout before my afternoon session. Yesterday was a speed day. My workout took about an hour and a half and after I had another protein shake. 


7 p.m. is dinner time. Last night I had roasted potatoes with green beans and beets. For protein I had roast beef with cream sauce. I also have dessert almost every night. I alternate between fruit and what I consider a really good dessert. So I’ll either have something like cut up watermelon and an oatmeal cookie or I’ll do a bowl of ice cream with blueberries. I also love mochi. 

Watson says she doesn’t have a strict policy on alcohol and includes everything in moderation in her diet. “I love to have a glass of wine with dinner now and then. I also live in Arizona so I’ll have the occasional margarita. Everything in moderation. It really depends on the training phase and how my body is feeling. In a hard training week when I’m taxing my body I wouldn’t have a drink, but if it’s a down week I have no problem having a glass of wine.”


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