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My Story in Pictures

My Story

I grew up on a ranch in southern Alberta, Canada. From a young age I loved sports especially running. My mom introduced me to running at a young age as she was always training to stay fit for the police force. I always longed to go running with her on her long runs but I was just too little to keep up.


Once I started to grow up my parents influenced me to compete in track and field.  My dad drove me to my first track meet on his motor cycle in southern Alberta. I remember crying at that meet because running is hard and I hated losing! I didn't realize how tough it was to run all out for 400m! Then and there a fire lite inside me I wanted to get better at running not just to win but because I loved it!

I continued running throughout Junior high. My parents saw my talent but I had yet to develop the confidence. Team Alberta was hosting a try out for the team that would represent our province against Western Canada in my home town one summer. I did not want to enter in the meet but with the push of my parents I entered in the 400m.


I was so nervous I had never raced at this level but no matter what I was going to run my hardest. So when the gun went off I gave it my all and to my surprise I won the race! No one had heard of me so it was a big shock that a skinny little girl from Medicine Hat made the provincial team and then ended up winning the Western Championship. I met so many amazing people through track that it motivated me to continue training and compete just so I could have the opportunity to make more teams. 

In high school I made my first Worlds team. I was so excited to represent team Canada at the international level. That was in 2011 and after that meet the scholarship opportunities came pouring in. I decided in 2012 to compete for the University of Florida State. I loved Florida State, I had the most amazing team they were like my family. It was an honor to be given such an amazing opportunity at a wonderful institution.


Then in 2015 everything changed I was heart broken when my coach left the University, my dream and goal had always been to represent Canada in the Olympics and I needed a coach to get me there. Thats what one of the best people in the whole entire world called me. It was coach Harvey from the University of Arizona. I absolutely loved his plans for me and I loved that he saw my weaknesses on the track and had a plan to fix them. So the summer of 2015 I made my first pan am team, first world team and transfered to the University of Arizona. 

I loved Arizona it was not only a wonderful place to train but the business school was amazing. In 2016 with the help of coach Harvey I made my first Olympic team for team Canada. Becoming an Olympian had been a dream of mine since I was 10 years old and to finally have it happen was truly a dream come true. 

After the Olympic games in 2016 I was more determined than ever to become one of the top 400 hurdlers in the world. In 2017 I was undefeated in my outdoor season. Then in June one of the best moments in my entire life happened I became the NCAA Champion. I ended my collegiate career in the best way possible and now it was on the the professional world. After competing at the world championships and making my first world final I signed my first shoe contract with Nike. Another dream come true! I was now a Nike athlete wow how did this small town farm girl become a Nike athlete. 

For the past  3 years I have represented Nike at the elite level of competition for track and field. Competing in Diamond League Finals, World Championship finals, winning the Pan American games in 2019.  I get to do my dream job travel the world and run over hurdles. Each day I am preparing and training for the next world championships and Olympic games. I am also working towards giving back to the community and sharing my journey with the world! 

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In honor of homecoming throwing it back
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“She believed she could, so she did” ⁣⁣⁣
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